How to Start a YouTube Channel

There's never been a better time to launch a YouTube channel.  You can film from home using your mobile, but how do you even set up a YouTube channel?  In this course, we'll go through the steps to setting up a YouTube channel from scratch.

23 Lessons

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23 Lessons in How to Start a YouTube Channel:

Start with One


Welcome to the start of your new YouTube channel

Start with One

Understanding who you One viewer is and what your Channel Mission is

Assignment: Laying the Groundwork

Identify your One viewer, channel niche and channel mission

Channel Creation

Assignment: Create a YouTube account

Create your YouTube account

Channel Art

Channel Art Overview

What is channel art?

How to Make Channel Art

Understand what channel art is and how to create it

Canva/Snappa Demonstration & how to upload channel art

View a demonstration of Canva/Snappa

Assignment: Create channel artwork

Create & upload your channel artwork

Channel Trailer

Channel Trailer

Film a 30 second channel trailer

Video Creation

Video Research

Learn how to research video ideas

Quality C.A.P.

Understand the Quality C.A.P. model

Uploading a video

Uploading: Video Details

Learn about the first screen presented when uploading a video

Uploading: Video elements

Learn about the second screen presented when uploading a video

Uploading: Visibility

Learn about the final screen presented when uploading a video

How to Add End Screen & Cards

Learn about end screens and cards and see how to add them to your videos

How to Add Video Tags

Learn how to add tags to your videos

How to Set Video Public/Schedule Video to go Live

Learn how to make your video publicon YouTube

Optional: Edit Auto Captions

Learn how to edit the automatically generated subtitles on your videos

Upload Checklist

A printable checklist to help you when uploading your videos


What to do next